Low Voltage(380 400V) Induction Motor 
Y series(IP23 IP44)pump and blower motor Y2 series(IP54) asynchronous induction motor
YB2 YBF2 YBK2 Explosion proof motor YR series(IP23 IP54) Slip-ring motor
YZR series crane motor YX3 series(IE2) high efficiency motor
GOST standard motor NEMA standards motor
Special motor
High Voltage(3KV 6KV 10KV) AC Motor 
Y YKK YKS HV squirrel cage motor Y2 HV compact structure motor
YR YRKK YRKS HV slip-ring motor YB YB2 HV explosion proof motor
T Series Large synchronous motor
DC Motor 
lifting machine motor ZZJ-800 Steel mill
ZYZJ Sugar crushing machine motor ZFQZ series Crane and Metallurgy usage Motor
Z4 series DC Motor Z2 series DC Motor
Z series DC Motor
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