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Y series(IP23)semi-enclosed squirrel-cage motor

Products:Y Series(IP23)Pump and Blower Motor


Products Feature and usage 


Y series (IP23) are semi-enclosed squirrel-cage type three-phase asynchronous motors for general purpose. They are characterized by high efficiency, energy-saving, high starting torque, low noise, little vibration and good stability. The power ranking and installation size conform to IEC standard. 380V rated voltage, 50HZrated frequency, B grade insulation (F grade insulation for Y355), IP23 degree of covering protection, IC01 cooling method, IMB 3 installation type.

They are widely used for driving various kinks of mechanical equipment without specific requirements, as blower, compressor, Pump, mine machinery etc. 



Modle Description


Motor Feature 

  electromotor power range:37Kw~355Kw
  electromotor rated voltage:380V 380/660V 400/690V 415V 480V
  electromotor rated running speed:3000r/min、1500r/min、1000r/min、750r/min及600r/min
  protection degree:IP23

    insulation class:B F
  temperature rise:B
  standard:IEC DIN42673 IEC
  On the following conditions, this series motor can be used continuously)
  Altitude above sea level maximal 1,000m)

    Cooling air temperature maximal 40℃)


  1.Before order ,please read the catalog carefully,choose the right type.If there have any differ about your requirments with our brocher ,please contact with our sales person.after got an agreement ,then ,contract for sales or produce.

    2.This range of motor can also be made into Variable-Frequency motors,the range of frequency of which is 0-100HZ,the output and overall dimensions should be confirm separately.  

    3.please note the motor type,output,voltage,speed and your specical requirment in contract.

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