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Motor fault artificial diagnostic methods

    Motor failure during the operation of specialized testing equipment to check, but in a more timely fault diagnosis method by artificial look, listen, smell, touch and intuitive feel to be judged.

    1. A motor to see1, the motor stator winding short circuit will normally be accompanied by the smoke.

    2 the motor overload operation speed decreased.

    3, motor repair network if abnormal operation or stopped due to ignition spark, the fuse may also fuse or parts to be stuck.

    4, the motor gear blocked, fixed instability of the motor, the motor foot bolts loosening and other issues will result in severe vibration of the motor during operation.

    5, the motor within a point of contact connections if the color is abnormal or there are traces of fire or smoke, then the problems that may arise is the motor overheating, the motor conductor poor contact, the motor winding is burned.

    Second,the motor to listen

    1. the stator and rotor of the motor air gap is uneven, unbalanced three-phase current and the core loose will cause the motor electromagnetic noise issue depended on the change.

    2, the bearing of the motor if there is abnormal sound may be several, are bearing the creak of a lack of lubrication Health Titicaca sound, rolling beads grease dried up the jack sound and ball bearings damaged or squish.

    3, the transmission of the motor and drive mechanism will also appear abnormal sound, if it is even pops it means that the belt joints raised, if it is the uniform sound of the pound represents a coupling or pulley and shaft loose and the key or keyway wear, if it is uneven       Uniform sound of the collision is likely to fan blades and housing in a collision.

     Third, the motor of smellMotor part of the unusual circumstances will lead to the dissemination of smell, such as the motor internal temperature is too high, it may lead to volatile paint taste, insulation repair network anomalies, may also occur the items char, rather than the taste.

    Fourth, the touch of the motorThe touch of the motor main judgment of the motor temperature, following failure will cause the motor to overheat, including poor ventilation, motor overload, motor short-circuit, three-phase current imbalance, the motor starting or braking too frequently and electric motor Bearing temperature anomalies.

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